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Upper Eye Lid Surgery Package

An eyelid is a thin fold of skin that covers and protects an eye. There are two plates; the superior tarsus (upper eyelid) and inferior tarsus (lower eyelid). They act to form the scaffolding of the eyelid, and are composed of dense connective tissue.

Surgery is one of the method to enhance your eyelid with cost effective and fast recovery time. In KJMC, we belive, eyes are the window of the soul


Package Available

Package Includes :-

  • Registration
  • Surgery procedure
  • Standard medications

Terms & Conditions:-

  • Valid for appointment only
  • Cash payment only(Debit Card/Card
  • Credit/QR Pay/Cash) - GL not accepted
  • Subject to Specialist's recommendation only.
  • Procedure done under daycare (single bed).
  • Price mentioned excludes PCR COVID-19 test and consultation
    fees with Specialist before and after procedure