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ARTICLE | 31st December 2018

Selective Eating Habits Among Children - By Dr Lim Menq Keong on SinChew

华裔小孩偏吃鸡蛋和汤捞饭? 您的小孩是这样的吗?

您的孩子会挑食吗?您知道挑食约两年可以导致营养不良和发育延迟? 让林孟强医生为您一一解答。 

Chinese children love to eat eggs and soup rice? What about yours?

Selective eating habit among children age between 2 to 6 years old lasts for about 2 years potentially cause malnutrition and therefore affects their growth!

Dr Lim Menq Keong on Sinchew health section on 31/12/2018.




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