Procedures & Information


You can register as outpatient through our Registration Counter at the main lobby. We are open for registration / admission:

Monday - Saturday  :  7.00 am - 9.00 pm

Registration / admission after operating hours, weekends or public holidays must be through our 24-hours Accident & Emergency Department. The attending doctor has to recommend admitting you to TDMC Hospital for treatment and / or surgery.
To ensure a smooth registration / admission, we request your assistant to provide us with the following documents:

  • MyKad and MyKid for Malaysian citizen; passport if you are not a Malaysian citizen.
  • Health Insurance Card / Letter of Guarantee from your insurance company or employer .
  • A doctor’s referral letter (if you are referred by your GP / family doctor).
  • Past or present medical report / x-ray / MRI films / scan films / lab results (if any).

Please note that upon admission, you or your guardian will be required to fill up the admission forms and our friendly admission officers will advise you on the deposit amount. You have the right to know the estimated cost of hospitalisation per our Patients' Right. Please verify the estimated cost with your attending doctor.


The doctor on his ward rounds in the morning will certify the discharge.  For your safety, it is advised that a relative or friend accompany you home. Check out time is 12.00 pm. For discharges after 12.00 pm, there will be an additional half-day room charge. For discharges after 4.00 pm, a full day’s room charge will be imposed.
If payment is not guaranteed by one of our Panel Company or prior arrangements have not been made, the full bill must be settled before you can be discharged. If you are covered by insurance, please note that it may take up to three hours to obtain final approval from your insurance company before discharge..
Before you leave, please be sure that you:

  • Obtain all prescribed medication (if any) from the Pharmacy at the ground floor and make sure you understand the instructions regarding their use.
  • Get the Medical Certificate, if any, and appointment card from the attending nurse, should there be follow-up treatment.
  • Collect our refund for your excess Deposit.
  • Collect all of your belongings and valuables.


Deposit is required upon admission.  After consultation with the doctor in attendance, our friendly admission officers will advise you on the deposit amount. The deposit amount will vary depending on the admission cases. In order to help you to manage  your finances, our estimated deposit will be as follows:

 DELIVERY 2,000 


Deposit is required upon admission. After consultation with the doctor in attendance, our friendly admission officers will advise you on the deposit amount.

In the event that the actual expenses is less than your deposit, you will receive cash refund. However, you would need to top up the deposit should it be depleted during your stay in TDMC Hospital.

Terms of Payment

We accept Cash, Panel Guarantee Letter, Debit and Credit Card. We regret to inform you that personal cheques are NOT accepted. 

However, we accept all the following credit cards and debit cards. 


You have the right to choose your room for your stay at TDMC Hospital depending on availability. However, in order to  avoid  extra charges, we recommend that you choose the room type which is specified in your entitlement by your Letter of Guarantee/insurance coverage. Our room rates are as follows:




Show your care to your love one. We encourage you to visit your loved one during their stay in TDMC Hospital. It will strengthen your relationship and it will improve their morale at the most needed times. Please adhere your visit time to the following visiting hour:

Monday - Sunday:  8.00 am - 10.00 pm

Please be advised that our friendly nursing staff and security personnel may restrict visiting hours at any time when it is deemed necessary for the welfare of the patient. We also suggest all children below 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.