Procedures & Information


All admissions are done through our 24-hour Outpatient Clinic and Accident and Emergency Department.

Documents to bring for admission:

  • MyKad or MyKid for Malaysian citizen. (For International visitor, kindly bring your passport)
  • Guarantee Letter from your Employer or Insurance Company

Personal things to bring:

  • Personal toiletries (admission pack is provided upon request).
  • Personal clothes.
  • For delivery patients, please bring along a set of baby clothes and wrapping blanket.

​​​​​​​What not to bring:

  • Personal appliances. (e.g. radio, easy chairs, kettle and etc)
  • Excessive cash and valuables items. (e.g. jewelleries, watches and etc)

(The Hospital Management will not take any responsibility for any loss of valuables and personal items in your room)


  • In the morning, the Doctor will be having a ward round session, and the Doctor will write your discharge letter. However, it is depending on your health progress, you might be discharge at an odd time.
  • The discharge time usually before 12.00PM. For the discharge between 12.00PM to 05.00PM, a half day room charge will be applied, and for the discharge after 05.00pm, one day room charge will be applied.
  • Please bear in mind, those patients admitted by using an Insurance Medical Card/Guarantee Letter from the   Insurance Company or Employer MUST allow extra hours (2 till 3 hours – based on the Insurance Company respond) for the discharge procedures to be completed.
  • All patients should be waited inside the room for temporary, up until they are called to sign for the final bill at the Billing Counter. (Ground Floor) 

Extra payment:-

  • For those patients who covered by insurance or using the guarantee letter from their Employer, kindly take note that might be there are some medical charges/bills which are not covered by the Insurance/Employer policy.  The patient has to settle the bills on their own.

Refund of deposit:-

  • If you paid a deposit while waiting for the Insurance approval, your deposit will be refunded once we received the Insurance Company’s approval for your admission covered.  
  • If the deposit paid (by cash only) more than the actual expenses incurred, your balance of the deposit will be refunded. Billing Department will send over the bill for every two (2) days during your admission in KJMC hospital.
  • You may get immediate refund if you liaise with the Person In-Charge in front of our Billing Counter for those who paid the deposit through Debit/Credit Card. 
  • Manual Deposit Refund - at least 14 working days for those who paid the deposit through Debit/Credit Card once they went out from our premise.  


You are required to pay a deposit upon admission.  The amount will be depending on the treatment procedure that you will be undergoing. Kindly find the deposit amount as below details: -



 MAJOR SURGERY  3,500.00

(Notes: From time to time basis, an additional deposit is a MUST to pay upon request by our Billing Department, depending on the estimated final bill.) 

  • Once the doctor advises you to be admitted for the treatment/surgery, kindly get the estimation cost from the Doctor and Billing Counter.
  • However, for the normal Medical cases admission, we will charge you minimum RM300.00 per admission depends on the both-side consent. 
  • The next step, we have to determine the person that will pay for your bill, either:-
  • You have to wait for temporary for an admission which is depends on the room availability by our Admission Counter. 
  1. You (Yourself)
  2. Your Employer (General Letter)
  3. Your Insurance Company
  • Kindly contact our Person In-Charge at Admission & Billing Counter if you need to pay for an additional deposit. It is helping you to reduce some outstanding amount upon discharge. 
  • During office hour, you may direct deal with the Person In-Charge at the Admission Counter. Meanwhile, after office hour, you may refer to the Accident & Emergency Counter for any admission. 

Room & Ward

  • All wards are function to cater for any medical cases such as Surgical, Orthopaedic, Ear Nose & Throat (ENT), Gynaecology and Pediatric cases. We are allowed any patient to choose their own preferred room based on the availability as well as their own entitlement (i.e. Company/Insurance Guarantee Letter).
  • Rooms are well-ventilated as well as an air-conditioned. Every room were equipped with bedside locker, wardrobe and attached bathroom.
  • Kindly find the types of room as below details: -





FAMILY DELUXE 450.00 400.00
SINGLE DELUXE 215.00 200.00
SINGLE STANDARD  175.00 160.00
DOUBLE BEDDED 115.00 110.00

Terms of Payment

We ONLY accept payment through:

  • Cash (RM – Malaysian Ringgit)
  • Credit / Debit card
  • Company / Insurance Panel Guarantee Letter

Notes: We only accept Undertaking Letter or Guarantee Letter issued by the company that registered the Credit Facilities with KJMC Hospital.

Visiting Hours

The guests are welcomed to visit the patient in KJMC hospital. However, it is our responsibility to ensure all the patients receive the maximum rest during their tenure staying here. The guest with small children are strongly reminded to keep their children in silent and do not disturbing others patient’s privacy.  

KJMC visiting hours as below details:-

  • Morning        : 10.00PM – 02.00PM
  • Evening        : 05.00PM – 10.00PM