Our Speciality

Our eye clinic provides Ophthalmology and Optometry Specialist Services for all customers who need eye health care services. 
The services are:




  • Removal of the Intraocular Lens (Cataract)
  • Surgery of the outer membrane of the eye (Pterygium)
  • Glaucoma
  • Removal of Fat/Pus/ Lumps On Eyelids
  • Removal of Skin Over Eyelids
  • Eye Removal/ False Eye Implants
  • Strabismus


  • Children's Eye Examination 
  • Adult Eye Examination
  • Visual Accuracy Test
  • Keratometry and Ultrasound A Scan (Eye Lens Calculation)
  • Intraocular Pressure Test (Intraocular Pressure)
  • Eye Health Examination (Slit Lamp) 
  • Examination of the Retina and Optic Nerve of the Eye \
  • Visual Field Test • Eye Therapy (Lazy Eyes and Squinting)


  • YAG laser
  • Green Argon Laser
  • Intravitreal injection
  • Syringing - Puncture of Tear Channels
  • Removal of Foreign Objects in the Eye
  • Eyelash Removal

Our 24-hours A & E Department is located at the first floor of the KMI Kuala Terengganu Medical Centre building. We provides services which include outpatient treatment for walk-in patients and minor procedures. Specialists are on call to provide emergency care.

Ambulance service is available for both emergency and non-emergency cases.

Emergency telephone line: +609-633 6866

Our A & E Medical Officers:

  • Dr. Mohd Kamil Sabry bin Mohd Adnan, MD (UPM)
  • Dr. Wan Muhammad Fairuz Wan Mahmood, MD (UKM)
  • Dr. Nur Amira Suhada binti Mohd Suhaimi, MBChb (Glasgow)
  • Dr. Nur Ainaa binti Azry P'ng, MD (KSMU)
  • Dr. Afuza Abdullah bin Idiris, MBBCH (Cairo)


Our Radiology Department provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging services. The department does regular and specialized examinations by using Computed Radiography (CR).

  • General X-Ray
  • Intravenous Urography
  • Mobile Radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Ultrasound
  • CT scans (64 Slices/Second)
  • MRI scans
  • Digital Mammography

Working hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Friday: 8.30am - 12.30pm

Note: Specialised radiological examinations may require dietary and bowel preparations. Visit the department three (3) days prior to the examination for complete medical instructions and medication.
For referrals and appointments:
To make an appointment, you may call 09-637 8888 during office hours and ask for the Radiology Department.

Our well-equipped laboratory, located on the first floor offers, the quickest possible "turn around" time. We offer the following services:

  • Biochemistry Test
  • Haematology Test
  • Immunology/Serology Test
  • Microbiology Test
  • Histopathology Test

Sunday-Thursday   : 8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Friday                      : 8.30 am -12.30 pm 

Note: The laboratory service is available on-call after office hours and during public holidays for emergency cases.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre aims to optimise patient function and well-being, to help integrate that patient back into their chosen lifestyle activities whether at home, work or leisure. It has equipped with gymnasium to help the patients recover from the injuries using variety of therapeutic modalities.


  • Laser Therapy
  • Shockwave
  • Traction
  • Ultrasound
  • Manual therapy
  • Manual Exercise
  • Cryotherapy
  • Hot Pack/ Cold Pack
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve (TENS)
  • Infrared
  • Continuous Passive Motion
  • Gym Exercise
  • Chest Physio Adult
  • Chest Physio Paeds
  • Paeds Suction

Specialised Care:

  • Sports Rehab
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Neuro Rehab
  • Occupational Therapy

Our Health Screening and Diagnostic Centre aim to provide a one-stop centre for clients who seek a wholesome care for their wellbeing. Here, we offer various types of health screenings which are available by walk in and with appointments based on the recommendations.

Dietitian consultations are also available at this centre to provide a dietery assessment, body composition analysis, and weight management. They can help the cilents adapting to modified diets or giving advise on how to complement their specific diet requirement.