Patient Care Assistant

Organization: KMI Taman Desa Medical Centre
Closing Date: 23-07-2024

Job Description

Primary Function(s):

A. Patient Care

1. Assist the nurses in basic nursing functions / procedures under the supervision of the Staff Nurse / Unit Manager.

2. Provide patient care as assigned by the Staff Nurse / Unit Manager e.g. :

a. Admission and discharging of patients.

b. Bed-making. Change clean linen in clinic couch daily / PRN.

c. Sponging / bathing of patients.

d. Feeding patients and assisting accordingly.

e. Answering call bells.

f. Positioning and pressure care.

g. Emptying urinals / bedpans / urine bags.

h. Refilling hot water in patients’ flasks and ensuring the flasks covers are safely secured to avoid accidental spillage, then replacing them safely on patients’ lockers.

3. Ensure patients are comfortable at all times.

4. Portray good image by greeting politely and maintain good public relations at all times.

5. Prepare patients’ Medical Record in readiness for appointment cases (Clinic).

6. Make phone call to patients to remind / confirm follow-up appointments.

7. Assist doctors in any procedures carried out during clinic sessions.


B. Cleanliness of Ward / Unit / Clinic

1. Ensure cleanliness and tidiness of unit / ward / clinic, treatment rooms and certain clinic areas not covered by housekeeping team.


C. Cleanliness of Equipment

1. Assist Staff Nurse to clear equipment from patients’ room after being used. Clean and dry equipment after being used, and store in their proper storage area.

2. Ensure equipment e.g. Suction Machines, Oxygen tubings, drip stand with perfusers, etc. are ready to be used at all times.

3. Assist Staff Nurse / Nursing Sister in checking due dates for next due PPM.


D. Errand Duties

1. Send and collect CSSD sets.

2. Collect and store consumable items.

3. Assist in the dispatching of specimens to Laboratory, discharge / charge forms to Pharmacy and Billing Office accordingly.

4. Assist in the transfer / admission of patients to other units / wards.


E. Linen Inventory

1. Send, collect and check laundry supply, including soaking of soiled linen.

2. Check linen inventory.

3. Separate linen from infectious cases in separate plastic bag and label using Biohazard tape.


F. Safety

1. Assist in providing comfort and assuring safety procedures to patients.

2. Have a caring attitude and always in readiness to assist patients when the need arises.


Secondary Function(s):


1. Carry out work assigned by the hospital as and when necessary or related duties as assigned / requested.

2. Ready to attend any program organized by the organization.

3. Assist Sister in daily ward inventory.

4. Cooperate with other colleagues / nursing personnel to maintain positive team spirit.

5. Help in other nursing department when necessary.

6. Required to perform shift duties as follows :

 Morning 7.00am – 2.00pm

 Evening 2.00pm – 9.00pm

 Night 9.00pm – 7.00am

 Office Hours 8.30am – 5.30pm



  • Minimum SPM qualification with 2 years' working experience
  • Work experience in Customer Service industry, Clinic Administration, Hospital industry will be an added advantage
  • Fast learner and computer literate
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to write and converse effectively in English and Bahasa Malaysia

Contact Info:

Contact Person    Syahidah Yeop Dzawahil
Tel +603-7982 6500 (ext: 3328)
Email syahidah.dzawahil@tdmberhad.com.my