Patient Service Executive / Assistant

Organization: KMI Taman Desa Medical Centre
Closing Date: 30-06-2022


1) Patient Service Executive (Business Office)

Job Summary         : To ensure that all the initial guarantee from the insurance or MCO companies are obtain for admission and pre admit patient. To monitor all the request for self-paying patients that required medical report for claim reimbursement purposes.

Nature and Scope :

• To take over admission case that cover by insurance plans or MCO companies after being complete registered by registration unit.

• To ensure the initial guarantee is obtain before send the patient to the ward or to seek outpatient treatment.

• To request the outpatient Letter of Guarantee for first treatment or follow up that cover by insurance plan or MCO companies.

• To obtain Top Up guarantee for insurance or MCO patient that exceed the initial amount. Will receive the list from Credit Control Executive on daily basis.

• To update Credit Control Executive on the outcome and forward the copy of Top Up guarantee for Billing unit filing purposes.

• To inform Credit Control Executive if the patient had exceed the limit of their medical plan.

• To monitor the patient in the ward that required referral from primary consultant to another consultant. This to ensure the approval for the referral is obtained before any additional treatment done.

• To verify the completeness of the medical report form for discharge patient before hand over it to Billing unit for final bill request. 

• To verify the completeness of medical report form for outpatient.

• To monitor medical report request by patient from cash claim reimbursement. The medical report to be ready for collection in 14days after the request (refer to medical report request process)


2) Patient Service Assistant  (Business Office)

Job Summary : To ensure that the patient that seek treatment and admit is registered correctly and all departments that related can key-in the charges accordingly. To ensure that all the patients are attended in a very proper manner, the information is being explained clearly and

Nature and Scope :

• To receive the handover from A&E for the admission case on the night before. 

• To verified the admission case from A&E. To check either the deposit is sufficient or the initial LOG is obtained. 

• To prepare the check list for consultant daily schedule.

• To ensure that all the follow up and new outpatients are register in system before seek treatment from consultant. (Refer to Registration Work Process)

• To ensure that all the admission patients are register before send the patient to the ward.(Refer to registration Work Process)

• To ensure that if the patient is cover by the company, MCO or Insurance, the approval must be obtained before patient get treatment for inpatient and for outpatient (the first time patient only).

• To ensure that if the patient is cover by MCO or Insurance’s company, register the patient and hand over the case to Insurance Counter Supervisor. She/he will get the approval from the respective company before send patient to the ward (inpatient) and before patient get treatment (outpatient).

• To ensure that all the patients that admit to be accompanied to the ward or patient who in is not in the good condition to be wheeled to the ward.

• To assist the nurse in all the matter related to patient in the ward example print patient’s sticker.

• To hand over the unsettle issue to the next shift person properly.

Remarks: Willing to work on Shift.


Contact Info:

Contact Person    Norfaisza Ismail / Syahidah Yeop Dzawahil
Tel +603-7982 6500 (ext: 3328/3319)
Email hrd.tdmc@tdmberhad.com.my/ syahidah.dzawahil@tdmberhad.com.my