Procedures & Information


The doctor on his ward rounds in the morning will certify the discharge.  For your safety, it is advised that a relative or friend accompany you home. Check out time is 12.00 pm. For discharges after 12.00 pm, there will be an additional half-day room charge. For discharges after 4.00 pm, a full day’s room charge will be imposed.

Your discharge procedure will only begin upon the following procedures have been completed (approximately 2 to 3 hours):

  1. Doctor / consultant to fill in the discharge summary.
  2. Ward staff to finalise the bill.
  3. The final bill sent to billing office to proceed the final approval process with the insurance company. 

If payment is not guaranteed by one of our Panel Company or prior arrangements have not been made, the full bill must be settled before you can be discharged. If you are covered by insurance, please note that it may take up to 3 to 4 hours to obtain final approval from your insurance company before discharge.

However, you have a choice to pay a refundable discharge deposit at RM500 to discharge early, without the need to wait for the final approval from the insurance company. This is optional, and it is subjected to patient choice. Our billing staff will contact you once the final approval has been obtained. Refund will be processed within 2-3 weeks. 
Before you leave, please be sure that you:

  • Obtain all prescribed medication (if any) from the Pharmacy at the ground floor and make sure you understand the instructions regarding their use.
  • Get the Medical Certificate, if any, and appointment card from the attending nurse, should there be follow-up treatment.
  • Collect our refund for your excess Deposit.
  • Collect all of your belongings and valuables.


You can register as outpatient through our Registration Counter at the main lobby. We are open for registration / admission:

Monday - Saturday  :  7.00 am - 9.00 pm

Registration / admission after operating hours, weekends or public holidays must be through our 24-hours Accident & Emergency Department. The attending doctor has to recommend admitting you to TDMC Hospital for treatment and / or surgery.
To ensure a smooth registration / admission, we request your assistant to provide us with the following documents:

  • MyKad and MyKid for Malaysian citizen; passport if you are not a Malaysian citizen.
  • Health Insurance Card / Letter of Guarantee from your insurance company or employer .
  • A doctor’s referral letter (if you are referred by your GP / family doctor).
  • Past or present medical report / x-ray / MRI films / scan films / lab results (if any).

Please note that upon admission, you or your guardian will be required to fill up the admission forms and our friendly admission officers will advise you on the deposit amount. You have the right to know the estimated cost of hospitalisation per our Patients' Right. Please verify the estimated cost with your attending doctor.



Deposit is required upon admission.  After consultation with the doctor in attendance, our friendly admission officers will advise you on the deposit amount. The deposit amount will vary depending on the admission cases. In order to help you to manage  your finances, our estimated deposit will be as follows:

 MAJOR SURGERY 3,500-5,000 
 MINOR SURGERY 1,500-3,000 
 MEDICAL CASES 1,500-2,500 
 DELIVERY 2,000-5,000 


In the event that the actual expenses is less than your deposit, you will receive cash refund. However, you would need to top up the deposit should it be depleted during your stay in the hospital.


No deposit will be collected once a valid guarantee letter (GL) is obtained before admission. However, patient has a choice to pay a minimal fee from RM500.00 - RM1500.00 to get admitted earlier before waiting for GL. This is also applicable for hassle-free discharge initiative, patient who have paid the minimal fee upon admission or during discharge, can allow to admit or to discharge early before waiting for the GL. 

Waiitng time for GL= 1 to 6 hours. 

The deposit paid will be refunded within 2 weeks after discharge. The amount paid will also use to deduct exclusion charges from the insurance coverage. 






We accept Cash, Panel Guarantee Letter, Debit, Credit Card and QRPay. We regret to inform you that personal cheques are NOT accepted. 

However, we accept all the following credit cards and debit cards. 


You have the right to choose your room for your stay at the hospital depending on availability. However, in order to  avoid  extra charges, we recommend that you choose the room type which is specified in your entitlement by your Letter of Guarantee/insurance coverage. Our room rates are as follows:

 DAY CARE 100 
 HDU 250 







Show your care to your love one. We encourage you to visit your loved one during their stay in the hospital. It will strengthen your relationship and it will improve their morale at the most needed times. Please adhere your visit time to the following visiting hour:

Monday - Sunday:  8.00 am - 10.00 pm

Please be advised that our friendly nursing staff and security personnel may restrict visiting hours at any time when it is deemed necessary for the welfare of the patient. We also suggest all children below 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

However, the hospital management does not encourage children below 12 years old to visit any patients in the ward especially during the peak of influenza cases. 


You may divert your enquiries/proposal/request to the respective hospital personnel or department as per the stated email address:

Departmental Personnel and Email Addresses: 


Accident & Emergency

Sr. Siti Zakiah Jamil

Business Office

Mardhiah Abu Bakar

Credit Control 

Izzat Affeq Sezali 


Aina Syairah Abdul Rahman

Facilities and Engineering

Hairul Nizam bin Kamis


Muhammad Hilmi Adzmi

General enquiry/complaint/feedback

Shahrol Nizam Mohd Hadzri

Human Resource & Admin

Syahidah Yeop Dzawahil

Human Resource (Internship)

Noor Afiqa Sazali


Nur Alia Azahar

Information Technology

Muhammad Nazrin Bin Ahmad Zamil


Nurinhafilah Husain

Marketing and Customer Service

Mohamad Ikbal / Khairunnisa Hanapi /

Medical Laboratory 

Rosna Abu Hassan

Medical Records

Raneta Sandan 

Nursing Administration

Nor'Aini Sha'arani

Operation Theatre 

Sr. Parvathy Singaram


Ooi Boon Pin


Khairul Azhar Ariffin

Purchasing (General)

Mohd Kamil Aznan

Purchasing (Pharmacy)

Salsiah binti Hassan

Quality Assurance 

Muhammad Ariff Ismail

Specialist Clinic

Nur Hasmida binti Mohmed Ghazali

Wellness Centre

Nur Liyana Donna Kallang 



Frequently Asked Questions (Updated on 4th Jan 2024):

1) How do i make an appointment with a specialist consultant? 
Answer: There are several ways for you to make an appointment, as follows:
i) You may contact our specialist clinics at +603-7982 6500, ext: 2519/2520. 
ii) You may drop your appointment request at 
iii) You may send a WhatsApp message to the customer service unit or  to the specialist clinic at

2) I wish to know more about the health screening packages?

Answer: You may log on to to know more about our packages. For an appointment, kindly send a WhatsApp Message to our wellness centre at

3) I need to request for medical records for my insurance claims, how to go about it? 
Answer: You may write in to our medical records department at or to contact the department at +603-7982 6500, ext: 2553 for more details. 

4) I need an itemised bill / official receipt /hospital bill for my records, how to go about it? 
Answer: You may request as per the following ways:
i) You may come to our hospital personnally and request to print at the registration counter during office hours. Reprint official receipt will subject to minimal charge. 
ii) You may also write in to and to request the document, the team will reply within 3 working days. 

5) I wish to know the estimated charges of a procedure, to whom i should be asking? 
Answer: You may send a WhatsApp message to the customer service unit for more details. However, the Whatsapp line only operate during office hours. Or you may log on to to find out more about the estimated cost of surgeries. 

6) I want to know more about your delivery package? Can i speak to someone? 

Answer: Yes, you may refer to the link or to contact our labour ward at +603-7982 6500, ext: 4133 during office hours. 

7) I have a doctor referral form to do imaging assessment (x-ray/ultrasound/MRI/CT Scan), do I need to make an appointment? 

Answer: Yes, in most occasion, if you only need to undergo x-ray assessment, no advance appointment is needed, but for CT Scan, Ultrasound or MRI will need to fix an advance appointment with the imaging department prior hand, at +603-7982 6500, ext: 2529/2530. Following are the preparation needed for respective imaging procedures, kindly take note:

8) I would like to send my maid for fomema chest xray, can i walk in? 
Answer: Due to high volume of fomema cases especially the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year, kindly contact our imaging department at +603-7982 6500, ext: 2529/2530 to avoid dissappointment. 

9) I would like to perform pre-fomema assessment, how to go about it?
Answer: You may send a WhatsApp message to our wellness centre at during office for more details. 

10) Where or whom should I check with if KMI Taman Desa Medical Centre is one of the panel hospitals for my insurance. 
Answer: You may refer to our panel listing page at or to contact our billing staff at +603-7982 6500, ext; 2527/2528. 

11) I would like to check the status of my refund? 
Answer: You may contact our billing staff at +603-7982 6500, ext; 2527/2528, or write in to and

12) I would like to know more about the vaccination packages?
AnswerYou may refer to to know more about the vaccination packages. You may send a WhatsApp message to our wellness centre at during office for more details. 

13) I would like to undergo pre-employment assessment , how do I go about it? 
You may refer to to check out the available packages. You may send a WhatsApp message to our wellness centre at during office for more details. 




Estimated total price for common surgeries at KMI Taman Desa Medical Centre

We know how important it is to know the estimated cost of surgery before deciding on an admission. The list of common surgeries and the total price of surgeries including hospitalisation are based on historical data from patient bills in the past 3 months as below. The list will be updated from time to time.

Updated on : 12/01/2024

General Surgery

No Surgery  Min (RM) Max (RM)
1 Laparotomy Appendicectomy  11000.00 13000.00
2 Laparoscopic Appendicectomy 16000.00 19000.00
3 Haemorrhoidectomy  9000.00 11000.00
4 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy                  16000.00 19000.00






ENT Surgery 

No Surgery  Min (RM) Max (RM)
1 Septoplasty 19000.00 21000.00
2 Septoplasty with FESS 21000.00 25000.00
3 Septoplasty with Turbinoplasty  32000.00 35000.00
4 Tonsillectomy with Turbinoplasty and FESS 34000.00 38000.00






Orthopaedic Surgery

No Surgery Min (RM) Max (RM)
1 Total Knee Replacement 22000.00 25000.00
2 Total Hip Replacement 25000.00 27000.00
3 Anterior Cruciate Ligament  23000.00 27000.00
4 Arthroscopic Surgery                                    18000.00 21000.00






Obstetrics & Gynaecology Surgery 

No Surgery Min (RM) Max (RM)
1 Hysteroscopy and DD&C  7000.00 11000.00
2 Abdominal Hysterectomy 15000.00 17000.00
3 Laparoscopic Hysterectomy  17000.00 20000.00
4 Radical Hysterectomy 23000.00 27000.00
5 Laparotomy Cystectomy  15000.00 17000.00
6 Laparoscopic Cystectomy  17000.00 20000.00
7 Myomectomy  15000.00 17000.00
8 D&C (daycare)                                              3500.00 4500.00










No Surgery Min (RM) Max (RM)
1 OGDS 3500.00 5500.00
2 Colonoscopy 4000.00 6000.00
3 OGDS + Colonoscopy                                6000.00 8000.00






No Surgery Min (RM) Max (RM)

Kidney Stone Removal                              

25000.00 28000.00


For more information, kindly contact our business office team at +603-79826500, ext: 2537.

Note: The total bills stated above are based on historical patients' bill which include various patient factors.