Organization: Kumpulan Medic Iman Sdn Bhd 201301032521 (1062350-H)
Closing Date: 12-04-2024

Job Tittle : Nurse Manager
Location : KMI Healthcare, Kuala Lumpur
Immediate Superior : Group, Chief Nursing Officer

Job Summary:
The Nurse Manager is responsible for assisting the Group Chief Nursing Officer (GCNO) in:
1. Overall management of Nursing Services at KMI Healthcare and KMI Hospitals.
2. Providing professional leadership to create a culture that fosters nursing staff's personal and professional development.
3. Enhancing and facilitating the delivery of quality nursing services to ensure excellent patient care across all clinical services at KMI Hospitals.
4. Monitoring and improving standards of care through coordinating and supervising nursing practice, conducting clinical audits, and providing education.

Job Descriptions:
Primary Functions
1. Responsible and accountable to the GCNO.
2. Responsible for the indirect supervision and coordination of activities within the Nursing department at KMIHQ and KMI Hospitals, in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Nursing department and other applicable policies.
3. Monitor any incidents or reportable situations involving nursing departments in KMI Hospitals.
4. Monitor census and statistics related to nursing and clinical services for all KMI Hospitals and prepare monthly reports.
5. Responsible for administrative matters pertaining to nursing and quality services.
6. Assist in risk assessment, identification, and mitigation of risks within nursing services.
7. Assist in standardization and implementation of efficient and effective systems for delivering quality care.
8. Collaborate with the GCNO to plan and lead the Nursing division towards greater professionalism through continuous education and training.
9. Serve the Management Team and uphold the image of the Hospitals.
10. Assist in ensuring optimum staffing to meet the company's objectives and recruit as necessary.
11. Contribute fully to the development and implementation of strategies and policies for developing nursing clinical practices and services to ensure high-quality, safe healthcare services for patients and compliance with statutory and legal requirements.
12. Conduct audits to ensure proper nursing documentation for patients is complete and contemporaneous.

Secondary Functions
1. Participate in hospital-level functions and activities when required.
2. Attend KMI Meetings or any other meetings as necessary.
3. Attend Quality Committee meetings, Safety and Health Committee meetings, and ISO meetings.
4. Ensure compliance with all KMI policies and procedures, ISO 9001:2015, and MS 1900.
5. Attend other programs or training organized by the company.
6. Collaborate with Quality, Risk, and Compliance services to ensure the adoption of Quality Management systems and other standards determined by the management of KMI Healthcare.

Other Functions
1. Be responsible for reviewing and updating policies, standards, and procedures in related areas as determined by Management.
2. Assist KMI Healthcare management in:
• Marketing and expansion activities of the Hospitals.
• Welfare of all staff in the Company.
• Recruitment of nursing staff.
• Organizing educational activities for staff when necessary.
3. Perform any other duties as instructed by Management from time to time.

1. Degree in Nursing with any post-basic qualifications.
2. Over 10 years of experience in the management field.
3. Must be licensed as a registered nurse with a current Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)

Closing date: 12 April 2024

Applications can be made via email: