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NEWS | 1st January 2021

A better 2021 beckons for cleaner and diabetic husband - FMT

PETALING JAYA: New Year celebrations may be muted this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but Normaizan Saminan and her family are set to enter 2021 full of hope.

Life in the four-member household has been bleak the last few months as Normaizan had to take over the role of breadwinner from her husband, Mohd Suhaimi Marzuki, who had to stop work because of deteriorating health caused by diabetes.

But, soon after their plight was made public, help came pouring in for the couple, their daughter and Normaizan’s mother.

For instance, staff from the Kelana Jaya Medical Centre (KJMC) visited them at their PPR flat earlier this week to donate household goods and conduct a health assessment on Suhaimi, who was forced to have two toes on his left leg amputated earlier this year.

However, his poor immune system has prevented the amputation wounds from healing, leading to infection and painful, pus-filled abscesses.

To make matters worse, Suhaimi has high levels of lipids in his blood (dyslipidemia), along with damaged kidneys.

It is an unfortunate situation, but KJMC director Dr Halimah Ali told FMT that Suhaimi still had a chance of recovering.

“His previous medical reports do not paint the full picture (of his condition). We need to do a thorough medical check up, and we will also advise him on his diet and provide counselling,” she told FMT.

She added that Suhaimi was part of an increasing number of young Malaysians being diagnosed with high blood sugar in recent years, an issue that required more attention in the country.

Suhaimi’s next appointment with the doctors is this Saturday, where he will be having blood and urine tests done, among others. His wounds will also be dressed free of charge.

Besides the help from healthcare professionals, Suhaimi and Normaizan have received cash donations and food supplies over the last few days.

Normaizan, who works as a cleaner and sells snacks on the side, said she never expected such an overwhelming response from the public.

“Thank God, many have come forward to help. My daughter’s books have been bought and our monthly household finances have been settled,” she told FMT.

The Selangor zakat board has also extended help to Normaizan and approved her application to receive RM400 a month, beginning January.

While she was grateful for all the contributions, Normaizan said her biggest hope was for her husband to get better and continue his roti canai business.

Suhaimi, unable to hold back his tears, also expressed his gratitude to the public for their generosity, but said he was most thankful to his wife who had stood by him throughout the ordeal.

“I hope to recover soon so I can go back to work and be healthy like before,” he said.

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