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NEWS | 30th March 2023

KMI Healthcare awarded for the implementation of a religious-friendly programme for patients

Its new initiative provides for a more spiritual and religious connection to its Muslim patients.

Kumpulan Medic Iman Sdn Bhd (KMI Healthcare) launched its new initiative, Hospital Mesra Ibadah (Management of a Religious Friendly Hospital), after having a thorough analysis of the needs and preferences of patients.

It was found that many patients were seeking a more spiritual and religious connection whilst they were in the hospital. In response, KMI Healthcare developed a comprehensive programme that incorporates Muslim religious practices and beliefs into daily operations whilst also addressing the physical and emotional needs of patients.

Centred on its goal to educate, patients and their families are provided with information and resources about their religion. This includes teachings, practices, and customs, which help them understand and connect with their faith, even during their stay in the hospital.

The staff at KMI Healthcare were trained to understand the diverse religious practices and customs of Muslim patients. 70% of staff members from KMI hospitals have participated in a module-training course led by internal religious officers and experts from other private hospitals.

To complement this, religious officers who are trained and experienced in providing spiritual and emotional support are available to assist with prayer and worship. A dedicated team of counsellors are also available to provide emotional support to patients and their families during their hospitalisation.

Facilities and amenities are provided at all KMI hospitals which cover surau, qibla signage in every room, tayammum and prayer kit. In order to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, designated quiet rooms are allotted specifically for prayer and meditation for other religions.

E-books entitled "Panduan Solat & Amalan Bagi Pesakit" and "Doa & Zikir Harian" are made available to patients and serve as comprehensive guides for them to perform daily prayers.

Lastly, daily reminders and words of encouragement are provided to patients to uplift their spirits during their stay in the hospital.

For this initiative, KMI Healthcare was given the Service Delivery Innovation Initiative of the Year - Malaysia award in the recently concluded Healthcare Asia Awards.

This year, with its theme of Recognising Trailblazing Initiatives in the Healthcare Sector, the awards programme aims to honour hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers that have risen above the challenges and made a remarkable impact on their patients, most especially amidst the massive disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In giving this award, the judging panel took into consideration several of its achievements.

Inpatient care, a holistic nursing care approach has been incorporated into patient care where the patient's physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs are considered to provide the best care possible.

Having achieved great success, this resulted in a significant increase in patient satisfaction and positive feedback from both patients and staff. The programme has helped create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all patients, especially the Muslim community.

KMI Healthcare is committed to continuously improving and enhancing the programme to provide the best care to patients and their families. It is committed to its initiative of providing a more spiritual and religious connection to Muslim patients during their stay in the hospital.

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